President Joe Biden’s reelection chances took a beating after one New York Democrat broke his heart.

Former President Donald Trump held a rally in the Bronx on Thursday. Many Democrats turned out to support the former president, and many of them vowed to vote for him in November.

Turning Point USA reporter, Savanah Hernandez interviewed a woman who admitted she was a lifelong Democrat but believes the former president would “Make America Great Again” if elected.

“I’m here because when Trump was president, it was much better. I mean — he didn’t — the world wasn’t on fire,” she continued. “The prices went up like crazy. The price of gas, everything. So from the — he’s the best, I shouldn’t say of the worst — but there’s no choice.”

The woman, who did not give her name, said she is a registered Democrat and that she has voted for Republicans in the past. The woman also insisted that she is not a Trump supporter.

“I would also occasionally vote for Republicans. I go according to who is better,” the woman said.

Hernandez then asked the woman what she thought about Joe Biden.

“Well, I think he’s destroying the country with his policies, you know, it’s just — things are getting worse and worse, and more — we could end up with World War III with Biden, and I think that Trump is going to … Make America Great Again [laughs] you know, I’m saying that.”

The woman later added that she doesn’t like the former president’s personality but believes he was the best for the country.

“He says things that angers me but his policies were much better. Much, much better,” she added. “I mean, you can’t even compare. So, like someone said on the radio, you got to close your nose and dive in… like just vote for him. Even if you don’t like him…. If you hate him. He’s just going to be better for America.”