President Biden claimed that former President Trump’s “shouting” during their debate last week diverted him and that this action only made his awful performance worse.


“How quickly did it come to you that you were having that bad night?” During a Friday night interview, George Stephanopoulos of ABC News posed a question to the president.


“Well, I knew I was having a rough night when I noticed he was still yelling even though they had turned off his microphone as I was responding to the question. Biden continued, “And I allowed it to divert me.” “But I’m not blaming it on that, but I realized that I just wasn’t in control.”


Biden’s sit-down interview with ABC News was his first since his highly criticized debate performance, in which the president stammered, lost his line of thought, and spoke in a raspy voice, all of which were later attributed to a cold by the White House.


One of the agreed-upon rules of the discussion was that the president’s or former president’s microphone would be turned off while the other was responding to a question. During the first debate of the 2024 presidential election cycle, Trump was occasionally heard and observed speaking when his microphone was off, although he was neither heard nor seen yelling at Biden.

The Democratic Party was alarmed by the president’s behavior during the discussion. Conventional supporters and media analysts observed right away that Biden, 81, seemed to be displaying his advanced age during the confrontation. The worry quickly spread, leading to calls for Biden to withdraw from the race from elected Democratic officials and media sources like The New York Times.


The New York Times editorial board described the president’s appearance on Thursday night as “the shadow of a great public servant” in an article published after the debate. “He found it difficult to articulate his goals for the upcoming term. He found it difficult to react to Mr. Trump’s provocations. He found it difficult to hold Mr. Trump responsible for his deceit, his shortcomings, and his ominous plans.



He had trouble finishing sentences on several occasions. As president, Mr. Biden has been outstanding. The country has benefited under his direction, starting to tackle a number of long-term issues, and the wounds that Mr. Trump caused are starting to mend. But Mr. Biden’s announcement that he will not be seeking reelection is the greatest civic service he can now render.