A new poll by J.L. Partners reveals that nearly half of likely voters expect President Joe Biden to make embarrassing Gaffes in his upcoming debate against former President Donald Trump.

The poll, which was conducted on June 10 and 11, surveyed 500 likely voters and found that 49% expect Biden to forget where he is during the debate, while 41% expect him to have trouble standing up during the debate.

Meanwhile, 40% think he will walk off the wrong side of the stage. In comparison, 79% expect Trump to interrupt Biden, while 54% think Trump’s microphone will be cut off at some point.

The poll also found that half of the respondents expect Trump to win the debate, while 39% expect Biden to win. In addition, almost three-quarters of voters think Biden will stumble on his words at some point during the debate.

Pollster James Johnson described the numbers as terrible for Biden, indicating a deep concern for his ability to govern. Furthermore, Johnson claimed that Trump has set the bar low for Biden’s performance. He added that Biden needs to avoid major blunders to secure a win.

“They show voters’ deep concerns about his ability to govern,” Johnson said. “However, there may be a medium-term win for Biden because Trump has clearly set expectations for Biden in the debate very low. If Biden gets through and doesn’t have a major mishap, then that will be a win for the president.”

According to Daily Mail, at a recent National Rifle Association convention, Trump acknowledged that Biden might benefit from low expectations and favorable media coverage.

“If this horrible individual finishes the debate, which I think he will if he’s standing, they’ll say it was a brilliant performance,” Trump said.

Early this week, Biden’s age came under criticism as the president appeared to freeze during a Juneteenth celebration at the White House while others around him danced and celebrated.

The debate taking place on June 27 in Atlanta, Georgia, will be the first of two matchups between Trump and Biden. The second debate is scheduled for September.