Labor Agreements vs Biden

Republicans in the House are getting ready to examine President Biden’s executive order regarding the use of “project labor agreements,” which detractors refer to as a “radical departure” from customary competitive procurement practices.


According to the Labor Department, pre-hire collective bargaining agreements, or PLAs, are agreements reached by unions and construction companies to set terms of employment.


In a statement, Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., the chair of the House Oversight Committee’s subcommittee on cybersecurity, IT, and government innovation, claimed that the White House is “no longer concerned with allowing fair and open competition for federal contract work… instead of using the federal contracting process and taxpayer dollars to bestow favors on political allies.”


According to Fox News exclusively, Mace will begin the hearing at 2 p.m. on Thursday by accusing President Biden of being “in the pocket of labor unions” and characterizing his 2022 order as a “blatant move to pay back his union buddies.”


“This government is more concerned with winning political favors and appeasing union leaders than it is with professional judgment or fair competition. Mace will declare, “The people of the United States deserve better than a president who puts union coffers ahead of the livelihoods of hardworking, non-union construction workers across the nation.”

Ben Brubeck, a vice president of Associated Builders and Contractors, will speak during the hearing. He, along with vice president of Cianbro Aric Dreher and executive director of the Louisiana Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority Glenn Ledet, will provide equally scathing testimony regarding the injunction’s impact on their capacity to submit bids for government contracts.


Brubeck will address the impact of the decision on his company and raise concerns about the notion that his company will need to get into collective bargaining agreements earlier in the hiring process in order to submit a bid for government work.


“On behalf of Associated Builders and Contractors, I am giving a voice to the thousands of quality large and small contractors and millions of their employees who want nothing more than to compete to deliver taxpayer-funded projects safely, on time, and on budget for their private and government customers,” Brubeck will say in remarks obtained exclusively.



“But they are effectively boxed out from doing so via government protectionism benefiting special interests that is the foundation of the Biden administration’s harmful pro-PLA policies,” he claims.


Brubeck will cite President Biden’s boastful assertion that he is the “most pro-union president” in history in his remarks.