CNN host Fareed Zakaria shocked the world when he encouraged President Joe Biden to Bring back former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies his network spent years bashing.

Zakaria made the remark while discussing Joe Biden’s border failure in an interview on PBS’ “Firing Line with Margaret Hoover.” During the interview, the CNN host maintained that Biden refused to secure the border because of his party’s progressive wing.

“And the reason was he felt he had a progressive wing within his party that wouldn’t listen to reason,” Zakaria claimed. “People are coming in, aided by cartels to whom they pay huge amounts of money, and they’re not running away from law enforcement. They’re running towards law enforcement because they have figured out that all they have to do is say the magic words, ‘I have a credible fear of persecution,’ and bingo, you’re in the country legally. You get two court hearings. They could take seven years. Meanwhile, you slip into the shadows of the economy. So the whole system is broken.”

Zakaria, who insisted that Biden must do more to secure the border, said he wished the president would take much more extreme steps to protect the border.

“And Biden needs to confront that and say, you know, ‘We are going to have to reform the whole system,’” he said. “I would wish he’d do something much more extreme, like, say the old asylum system is dead. No one is coming in through that process. You have to apply from your home country.”

Hoover pointed out to the CNN host that he was talking about some Trump-era policy.

“So strategically, you think [cross] if Biden would tack towards Trump policies he would have a better political chance?” Hoover asked.

Zakaria responded that he believed Trump-era immigration laws, such as the remain-in-Mexico policy, were “all correct.”

“Yeah,” Zakaria responded. “And by the way, it’s the right policy because the old asylum system is being gamed by millions of people.”