Regarding the way her friend Kathleen Buhle was treated after her divorce from Hunter Biden, Michelle Obama has privately conveyed her displeasure with the Bidens. A recent story claims that she is hesitant to publicly run for president as a result of it.


When her husband was president and Joe Biden was his vice president, the former first lady got to know Buhle, and they have been close ever since. In 2015, Hunter Biden and Buhle were divorced. In 2017, they reunited. According to the Axios article, Buhle was “largely exiled” from the family after their divorce and wrote in her memoir “If We Break” about how his addictions and adultery destroyed their marriage.


Despite the fact that Buhle’s book was published a year after Hunter Biden’s 2021 memoir “Beautiful Things,” which explored his drug problems, the story claims that the Biden family was annoyed by it.


In 2017, Axios also revealed that former President Obama was present at a fundraiser in Wilmington, Delaware, for the children’s advocacy organization Beau Biden Foundation. Hunter Biden, who had just been divorced, was seeing Hallie Biden, the late brother’s widow, at the time. Obama has subsequently denied calling the dynamics on the show “weird s–t,” although a person who talked with Axios claims that he did.


Michelle Obama has not been outspoken during President Biden’s reelection campaign against former President Trump, but she did quietly inform people that she believed Buhle had been mistreated during the breakdown of their marriage. Nonetheless, she actively participates in a voter registration organization, and she hasn’t been running for office herself since, as is well known, she detests the grind of party politics.

She was also “initially reluctant” to support Biden when he first campaigned for office in 2020, according to the Axios article, but she ultimately did and gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention. There are talks of her hitting the campaign road to support Biden, even though there has been talk of a strained relationship between them. Michelle Obama has usually had excellent popularity ratings, and Democrats consider her to be a formidable political force.


The relationship between the Obama and Biden families changed in 2015 when Obama dissuaded Biden from running for president, paving the way for eventual nominee Hillary Clinton. Despite this, the families are still politically united. Biden and Obama attended a posh fundraiser earlier this month, and it is obvious that they oppose Trump.


Obama’s team has emphasized that it was partially done to watch out for Biden’s welfare since he was grieving the loss of his son Beau at the time.


In a statement to Fox News Digital, the White House disputed the findings of the Axios article.


“The Biden and Obama families are like family to each other, and whoever made these claims about that relationship isn’t familiar with it,” Bates said in a statement. “The former President and First Lady have been two of the strongest supporters of President Biden’s leadership and agenda.”


In a response to Fox News Digital, Michelle Obama’s representative addressed the claim and said that first lady Jill Biden attended Obama’s mother Marian Robinson’s burial service this week.