In recent months, incidents of violence involving migrants in the Big Apple have skyrocketed. This time, they were engaged in a wide brawl where they used various objects like sticks, belts, bats, and even traffic cones to fight during the broad daylight brawl.

The incident, which happened on Sunday afternoon, had a mob of migrants outside the Row Hotel on Eighth Avenue engaged in a heated brawl, which raised concerns about public safety.

The Row Hotel is known to be one of dozens of hotels and shelters converted to accommodate migrants coming into the Big Apple from the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to Daily Mail, the hotel is no longer open to regular guests. It is solely for migrants who have trekked over the southern border and are awaiting immigration hearings.

More than 190,000 migrants have arrived in the Big Apple, with more than 64,000 currently housed in city shelters.

Footage of the brawl shows a chaotic scene when one migrant who seemed out of control is seen swinging a bat and threatening the mob.

The video also shows at least two men wearing bicycle helmets as the two sides square off in the middle of the street, even as motorists are passing by.

At one point in time, one of the violent migrants comes up behind another and smacks him in the head, knocking the helmet off his head before retreating across the street.

However, it is unclear what sparked the brawl. The incident comes two months after a brawl between NYPD officers and a group of migrants sparked outrage in the city.

Last month, Mayor Eric Adams’ administration imposed an 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew at 20 migrant shelters. The curfew was imposed after the mayor initially placed the restrictions at four other locations.

According to the Associated Press, the curfew impacts about 3,600 migrants, with the largest emergency centers housing roughly 1,000 migrants in Long Island City, Queens.