A video going viral on social media showed Conservative media figure Natalie Winters stun a feminist with clear and valid points on feminism.

Winter, during an appearance on the “Whatever” podcast, was called “brainwashed” by a member of the podcast’s panel for her conservative beliefs on women. Winter responded to the claim with what the Daily Caller described as the “greatest displays of true feminine power in the form of an absolute verbal knock-out.”

“I would almost argue it’s easier to start a business in America as a woman. You have preferential treatment when it comes to loans, preferential hiring processes, literally just because you’re a woman,” Winters began. “Women are the majority of college graduates. Life being a woman, I feel like, in some ways, kind of life on easy mode. If you play into the corporate structure, they literally have empowerment programs that they don’t allow men, let alone straight white men, in. There’s literally a multibillion dollar corporate push to empower women.”

Winter then turned to the cast member, who said she was brainwashed before delivering her final remarks.

“You think I’m brainwashed. You can think that but you also espouse an ideology that you can’t even give me literally one example why you actually believe it, let alone define it,” Winter continued. “But you just slap that label on because that’s what mainstream society’s told you to believe. So I think you’re actually the one who’s brainwashed.”

Winters later told the Daily Caller that she enjoyed leaving her conservative bubble to engage with people who have fallen for the left’s radical ideologies.

“It’s always fun to get out of the conservative media bubble and talk to people who’ve fallen victim to the ideologies of the left. In most cases, just an ounce of pushback will cause their beliefs to shatter,” she noted. “Viral clips aside, I want young girls to recognize the absurdity of calling themselves a “feminist” without being able to articulate their rationale. It’s difficult, but it’s worth trying to open their eyes as to why corporations, the Democratic Party, and supporters of the globalist agenda want them to buy into these harmful ideologies.”