Shy Trump Voters EMPOWERED

Shy Votes for Trump: The shy Trump voter was your co-worker, or sister-in-law, anyone really, looking off into the distance when people spoke of the wicked horrors of Trump.

In liberal cities, Trump voters might pass each other on the street, eyeing each other suspiciously with vague references to the border or wokeness until one would mutter, sotto voce, “Say: are you, Trump?”

The Exciting Element of Voting for GOP: An originally exciting element of Trump rallies was that so many others were too ashamed to admit to it even in their very local social circle, but suddenly, they met many other acceptable people who not only voted but (god) partied as well, from the start.

A line has shifted from persons to institutions, and the smear of defending Trump on paper is near extinct. It has been replaced not by defiance but with merely a recognition that he was just as effective a president and not an arch-nemesis out of a comic book.

This is because, as the nation sours toward Joe Biden after a shambolic three and a half years of his presidency, many are shocked to find themselves looking back on the Donald fondly.

Biden’s Continued Failure: Every day, voters are confronted with Biden’s many failures at the gas pump and in the grocery store, which now carry higher price tags, and horror stories of Mexicans wreaking murder and mayhem all across our nation, punctuated by the drumbeat of war.

Even the favorite of progressives, big JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, warned his lefty buddies much earlier this year at Davos that they’d best not ignore how much Trump’s losing numbers continue to drop across the country.

“Just pull back and be honest about it,” Dimon said. He also got NATO kind of right. Immigration, he was partially right. Indeed, the economy did grow very well. Tax reform worked.”

Lately in the News: In the latter hours of his campaign, Trump swung by some high-dollar fundraisers, including sitdowns with some big oil and tech high rollers who might have hesitated to show their face in a MAGA spotlight four years ago. But no more.

This also explains why all of us are seeing Black and Hispanic voters support Trump in the polling lately – the open – think back to his rally last week in the Bronx; and this weekend, an event in North Philly.