Israel could very well lose the ongoing war it is facing on multiple fronts if Democrats get their wish, according to Sen. Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) revelation on Fox News.

The lawmaker told Fox News’ Sunday Night In America host Trey Gowdy that Democrats are seeking to tie aid to Israel to some conditions. He also noted that President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu are not having a good relationship at the moment.

“It doesn’t seem to me like the relationship between President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu, through no fault of the Prime Minister, is very good,” Cotton replied. “It doesn’t seem, frankly, like the relationship between the Democratic Party and Israel is very good right now when you have pro-Hamas proxies running around like Rashida Tlaib in the House. We have Chris Van Hollen in the Senate demanding that we condition aid to Israel as if it is some third-world tyranny.”

The GOP senator, however, noted that relations between Israel and the United States will remain strong regardless of the differences between Biden and Netanyahu.

“But I can tell you, America’s relationship with Israel is very strong and will remain very strong because normal Americans and both parties recognize that Israel is a great ally, a strong military that enhances our own strengths and protects our own interest in the Middle East and also shares deep cultural, religious, historical and political ties with our nation, the exact kind of ally we should want to have,” he continued. “So whatever the relationship is, between the president and the prime minister, the relationship between America and Israel is outstanding and rock solid.”

Cotton’s statement comes after Iran launched over 300 drones and missiles toward Israel in what the Jewish State labeled an act of war. While 99% of the drones were intercepted before they reached their intended targets, Iran and Hamas have claimed that the attack was a success.

In a shocking move that many have described as throwing Israel under the bus, President Biden pressured Israel not to respond to the attack.