President Joe Biden’s reelection chances took a dent on Friday after one union that supported him in 2020 said it is moving away from the president.

On Friday, Steamfitters Local 638 Manager Bobby Bartels told Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle” that his union’s members are fed up with Joe Biden’s border policy. Bartels added that Americans are being treated as second-class citizens under the Biden administration.

“Yes, my members are basically fed up with the illegal immigration, the crime, the outrageous prices of food and gas- oil, electric,” Bartels told host Laura Ingraham. “It’s hurting everybody. When we get into a union we’re basically all Democrats. The Democrats are just pushing us away. We are a patriotic union, we have three congressional medal of honor winners in our union, we have many military veterans, we have people whose families are [in the] police and fire department. And they are tired of it. We are being treated as second-class citizens.”

The union leader insisted that Biden’s policies are affecting Americans negatively before adding that the country can not sustain the policies.

“Not only the union workers, Laura, it hits everybody in this country. Everyone is feeling the pain. It is not getting better. Our tax dollars are going to illegal immigration. Feeding them, housing them, clothing them, God knows what else. We cannot sustain what is going on. This country cannot sustain it,” Bartels added.

Trump met with Bartels’ union on Thursday, and the former president received a favorable reception from the members. Union members also showed their displeasure at Biden, with some of them sending crude messages to Biden.

Barrels told Ingraham that he conducted a personal poll among his union members that showed Trump beating Biden 3-1.

“I discovered — now, I have 9000 members. We’ve only got a fraction of that that have reported back on my pole. But as of right now, it is 3-1 in favor of Trump against Biden. Trump is leading 3-1 in our poll,” Bartels said.

The union manager maintained that his poll result indicates that Trump stands a good chance in New York.

“I believe he does. My union members have been calling me since 7:30 this morning, thanking me. I have been getting phone calls for my sister locals, from business managers around the country – from other locals, electricians, plumbers. I’m getting calls from retired members of other union locals that are glad that we are at least taking a stand and we are standing for what the members want,” Bartels said.