Podcaster Joe Rogan made a revelation on Saturday, Stating he believed the Democrat party is going to ditch President Joe Biden before the November election.

President Joe Biden’s age and declining mental state have been a major source of concern for the Democrat party. A majority of voters, including those within his party, are concerned that the president is too old to run.

Biden’s record on the economy and the ongoing war also has Democrats worried about his chances of beating former President Donald Trump in the November presidential election. Despite the growing concern, the president’s party has continued to back him publicly.

Joe Rogan, however, believes that the Democrat Party will discard Joe Biden for another candidate by May.

“May. I think [Biden] ’s got until May,” Rogan said. “I feel like right around May they’re going to pull him. I think he just has health problems and then the country understands, and Newsom is gonna have his support fully and Kamala is gonna be like ‘I don’t even want to be president, I’m cool with being vice president.’”

Rogan added that California Galvin Newsome will be the obvious replacement as Vice President Kamala Harris is not a reliable candidate.

Earlier during the show, Rogan noted that the idea that the Democrat party will keep Joe Biden as their candidate is “Bananas.”

“The idea that they’re going to keep running him is just bananas. You’re going to keep him in there? I can’t believe that’s real, but as time goes on I’m starting to think they might actually keep running him,” Rogan said.

Comedian Andrew Schulz, who appeared on the show with Rogan, insisted that Joe Biden is just a puppet and that there are others running the government behind the scenes.

“I think none of us really believe he’s making the decisions, right?” Schulz asked. “He’s just like a puppet for the- he’s just there to get lambasted when all these things happen, and then he forgets about it immediately afterwards.”