Kim Jong’s Bad HEART HEALTH?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appears to have sparked another buzz about his health, after the publication of photos from his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

‘Not sure what stage his health is in, but just watching it on the TV screens— not a healthy man,” Professor Sung-Yoon Lee, a fellow at the Wilson Center’s Kissinger Institute on China and United States in Washington, D.C. and author of “The Sister: North Korea’s Kim Yo Jong, the Most Dangerous Woman in the World,” told Fox News Digital. But it has been like this for, you know, nearly a decade.

Speculation was raised by former CIA North Korea analyst Sue Mi Terry after highlighting Kim meeting Putin in Pyongyang where she said: “He doesn’t look too good to me.”

Kim and his translators first arrived at the meeting in a limousine as described by Terry, Lee said, before Kim walked “no more than 30 yards” to an escalator and man, you could see Kim Jong Un huffing and puffing — he was breathing hard like that after walking 25, 30 yards — and even when the two sat down, he was still out of breath,” Lee said.

Lee did caution, however, that Kim has looked rather unhealthy for much of his reign as the supreme leader of the hermit kingdom being “morbidly obese,” so even if he looks incredibly unhealthy once more after his weight loss in 2021, it may not make a difference when it comes to how long the North Korean leader can live thanks to the health care at his disposal.

Lee pointed out that Kim’s father and grandfather, Kim Jong Il and Kim Sung Il, reportedly both died from heart attacks, and he spoke at length about the life of vices suffered by Kim — heavy drinking and smoking.

In 2016, The Guardian reported that Kim had put on 40 kilograms (90 pounds) in just over four years after assuming leadership following the death of his father, reportedly from “binges” of food and alcohol consumed to cope with his “constant fear of being assassinated”. The intelligence service, according to the report, said Kim hit the scales at 286 pounds back then.

As for Putin, Kim’s health will remain equally as relevant given the increasing dependence of Weapons Systems on his allies to supply their war effort in Ukraine that drains both factions opposing each other. North Korea possibly sent up to 5 million artillery shells to Russia, based on the size of containers shipped last week, reports say

The two men were seen showing their camaraderie in Washington and elsewhere, almost like they were saying “just try your darndest to scuttle our partnership – we’re not going anywhere!”