Former CNN anchor Don Lemon’s recent antics is sure to get liberals blood boiling following his latest comments on “Real Time” with Bill Maher.

The former CNN anchor insisted on Friday that Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has gone too far and needs to be checked. Lemon made the comments after host Bill Maher asked for his reaction to National Public Radio’s (NPR) new ultra-woke CEO Katherine Maher and the organization’s move towards the far left.

“I think there is always room for improvement. It’s unfortunate I don’t listen to NPR as much as many people do. But, yes, it does have a liberal bane. But I think a lot of media companies need to do some self-examination about what’s happening inside the company. There are some great things about DEI, but it’s not all roses and we need to take a look at it and do some rejiggering. It’s gone too far. It’s become a religion and if you don’t abide by the religion you get kicked out of the church,” Lemon said during the Friday interview. I am going to get a lot of s–t from liberals for saying what I said. I like DEI, but when it becomes a religion it can be used as a cudgel.”

Maher agreed with Lemon before adding that Liberals take everything too far.

“They (Liberals) take everything too far. If I could write one book about the liberals it would be ‘you take everything too far,” Maher added.

NYU professor Scott Galloway who appeared on the show alongside Lemon insisted that while affirmative action has achieved so many things, it is now causing more troubles that it solves.

“Affirmative action is wonderful but it shouldn’t be based on physical characteristics. That causes more troubles than it solves,” Galloway said. “Right now it’s not needed. What we need is affirmative action based on color called green. Where kids deserve more help. This is a sign of victory in our nation… you will rather be born gay or non-white than poor. So let’s help the poor kids out. Letting in the Indian daughter of a private equity billionaire isn’t diversity.