CNN faced fierce backlash on Saturday after it made an erroneous report regarding the recently rescued Israeli hostages.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) conducted a daring rescue operation that saw its fighters rescue four hostages from Hamas terrorists.

CNN hosted a program anchored by Victor Blackwell to discuss the heroic rescue effort. During the program, Blackwell interviewed Ian Bremmer of Eurasia Group.

While both men spoke, a headline appeared showing that the hostages had been released by the terror group instead of being rescued. According to the Daily Mail, the network came under fire for its reporting, with many critics claiming CNN got the story’s angle completely wrong on screen.

“An entire industry of media watchdogs will throw a hissy fit over a Washington Post statement,” conservative commentator Stephen Miller wrote. “Not a single person who appears on CNN will admonish this. Not a single person paid by this network. This is an editorial choice by CNN. They did this on purpose for a reason. Now ask why.”

The liberal news network also came under fire after another headline appeared to criticize the Israeli government over the number of people killed to rescue the hostages.

“Israel rescues four hostages in operation Palestine officials say killed more than 100 people,” the CNN headline reads.

The network also described a substantial segment of its Saturday segment talking about Palestine injured or killed during the rescue effort, drawing further backlash.

“CNN just devoted a substantial video segment to Palestinian civilians killed or injured in the rescue of the 4 Israeli hostages and never once mentioned that the civilians were the ones holding the hostages, that the civilians were ones who took them hostage in the first place, that the civilians were the ones firing at IDF during the rescue, that the civilians are the ones who kept the hostages in the center of a populous area in order to purposefully use civilians as human shields. The Palestinians orchestrated the very conditions that created the casualties; they reaped what they sowed. CNN just gobbles up Palestinian propaganda like potato chips. It’s pretty amazing, actually,” Marina Medvin, a conservative journalist, wrote on X.