On CNN’s “This Morning,” host Kasie Hunt, along with panelists Lulu Garcia Navarro and Jonah Goldberg, discussed the 2024 presidential election. They predicted that former president Donald Trump would win the key battleground state of Nevada due to his strong connection with Hispanic voters and the economy.

Despite President Joe Biden’s efforts, the Daily Caller reports that Trump leads by 5.3 points in Nevada. In 2020, Biden secured victory in Nevada by a margin of 2.4 points.

According to Navarro, people make the mistake of assuming Hispanic voters view immigration as the main issue. She, however, noted that education, crime and the economy are the main concerns of Hispanic voters, and Trump’s stance on these issues is resonating with the voters.

When asked why Trump is gaining more ground in Nevada, Navarro emphasized the importance of economic concerns. She stated that high prices and the pandemic have impacted the state’s working-class service workers, and they are looking for a leader who can deliver economic improvements.

“If Nevada lands in Trump’s column, it’s going to be because of the economy,” Navarro said. “People are nostalgic for the Trump economy pre-pandemic. They think that they did better then. And they believe that he would be able to turn the economy around for them now. And so that, I think, is the main appeal.”

Goldberg added that Biden’s executive order aimed at controlling illegal immigrant crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border might be a mistake. The order caps new asylum requests after a daily average of 2,500 illegal crossings over a week.

She noted that Black and Latino voters are slowly shifting away from political priorities as the electorate splits between working-class and college-educated constituents.

“It has always been true that Hispanic voters, as they move up the socioeconomic ladder, become indistinguishable from the median voter,” Goldberg said. “People think, for a long time, the Republicans thought, Oh, Hispanics just always vote Democrat, no. Poor people tended to vote Democrat. As Hispanics moved up the socioeconomic ladder, they tended to look indistinguishable from other voters.”