Hunter Biden SUSPENDED

The District of Columbia revoked Hunter Biden’s legal practice license after a jury found him guilty in his felony firearms trial earlier this month.


Until a formal procedure is held to decide whether to sustain the suspension, Biden is “suspended immediately from the practice of law” in Washington, D.C., as of Tuesday morning. Approved on Tuesday, according to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals E-filing system.


Following Biden’s guilty decision on June 11, the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel in Washington, D.C., wrote the D.C. Court of Appeals last week requesting the suspension of his license.


As of Tuesday morning, Fox News Digital discovered that Robert Hunter Biden was still listed as “active” and in “good standing” on the D.C. Bar website. According to the website, he obtained his Washington, D.C., legal license in 2007. Biden formerly worked at the legal firm Boies Schiller Flexner after receiving his Juris Doctor from Yale University in 1996.


On June 11, Biden was found guilty of lying to the police about using drugs when buying a gun in 2018. Three counts were brought against him, of which he was found guilty: making a false statement while buying a firearm, making a false statement about information that a federally registered gun dealer must retain, AND possessing a firearm while abusing or dependent on a controlled drug.

In October 2018, when asked whether he was an illegal drug user or addicted to controlled substances, Biden checked the “No” box on a federal firearm form known as ATF Form 4473. Prosecutors attempted to show that Biden lied on this form.


Biden’s 2021 book “Beautiful Things” highlighted his lengthy history of drug usage. Throughout the almost seven-day trial, the prosecution and Biden’s defense team made several references to the book. The biography takes readers through the highs and lows of Biden’s crack cocaine addiction and his efforts at sobriety.


During the trial, Lowell did not refute Biden’s extensive history of drug misuse; rather, he said that on the day that Biden purchased the Cobra Colt.38, he did not see himself as an active drug user. However, the prosecution claimed that Biden had a crack cocaine addiction before, during, and after he purchased the pistol. The prosecution team used text messages that Biden had with family members and suspected drug traffickers, in addition to quoting from his book, to show the jury that he was addicted at the time he bought the gun.


During the trial, three of Biden’s former girlfriends testified, which at times made the proceedings in court emotionally charged. Among the people who testified and told the jury about their encounters with Biden while he was taking drugs was Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, who was married to the senator for almost 20 years and had three grown daughters with him.