Prominent network personalities, columnists, and media allies are urging President Biden to withdraw from the campaign; however, many have not gone so far as to demand that the commander-in-chief resign from office due to worries about his advanced age and mental state.


Journalist Jonathan Alter, a liberal, wrote that the president is “too old to serve” and that Democrats ought to have an open convention, echoing the feelings of other media figures who had grown disenchanted with Biden’s candidacy after his heavily criticized debate performance.


“I believe the Democrats need a different nominee in order to beat Donald Trump and save the republic from a dangerous man who is bent on destroying it,” Alter stated in a statement to Fox News Digital.


“Biden is too old to be the candidate and to be president until 2029, but he is not too old to serve out his term,” he stated.


Following the discussion, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times likened Joe Biden to the late President Trump and implied that the president’s decision to continue running was self-serving.


“He is prioritizing himself over the nation. Opportunistic enablers surround him,” stated Dowd. “We are instructed not to believe what we have clearly seen because he has established a reality distortion field. His arrogance irritates me. Although he claims to be doing this for us, he is actually doing it for himself.”

Biden “looked ghostly” and had a “trepidatious gait” during the discussion, according to Dowd, who also claimed that he had “clearly been declining” over the past few years. Furthermore, she claimed that Biden’s re-election campaign was more than simply a “off night” and referred to it as a “extraordinarily risky bet.”


In response to a query on Biden’s suitability to serve out the balance of his term, Dowd pointed Fox News Digital toward her piece and remained silent.


In a New York Times essay published on Friday, Biden’s close friend Tom Friedman declared that the president had no business seeking reelection and referred to his performance in the debate as “heartbreaking.”


“To give America the greatest shot possible of deterring the Trump threat in November, the president has to come forward and declare that he will not be running for re-election and is releasing all of his delegates for the Democratic National Convention,” he stated.


He claimed to have “cried” over Biden’s performance.


Paul Krugman and Nicholas Kristof, two other Times columnists, also pushed Biden to leave the platform. Similar to Friedman, they praised his presidency as a progressive triumph but advised against his seeking office again.


Columnist David Ignatius of the Washington Post, who wrote a piece titled “President Biden should not run again in 2024,” reaffirmed his position on the president on Friday.