Former President Donald Trump on Thursday dropped a major revelation about his upcoming Manhattan trial.

The former president, while speaking at a joint press conference with House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), revealed that he intends to testify during his trial.

“I’m testifying. I tell the truth. All I can do is tell the truth,” the former president said. “And the truth is that there’s no case. It’s a scam. It’s a scam. That’s not a trial. That’s not a trial. That’s a scam.”

With only four days to go until the jury process began, the former president insisted getting a favorable jury depends on luck.

“It depends who you get,” Trump said of jury selection. “It’s very unfair that I am having a trial there. It’s very unfair that we have this judge who hates Trump.”

Legal experts have argued that the process of selecting a jury for the case will not be easy. The former president and his legal team have also argued that they won’t get an impartial jury because the trial would be held in the Manhattan borough, which is comprised predominantly of Democrats.

According to the BBC, as many as 500 people from New York’s Manhattan and neighboring Roosevelt Island could be picked as potential jurors.

Former Manhattan prosecutor Jeremy Saland, one of those claiming selecting a jury will not be an easy task, insists the jury must be fair.

“There’s nobody in the country who doesn’t have an opinion one way or another,” Jeremy Saland said. But those in New York have been exposed to Donald Trump and his father and children for literally generations, from every tabloid to the internet to Home Alone. A jury should be fair no matter what, listen to the evidence and hold prosecutors to the burden. So no easy task.”

Saland added that removing impartial jurors will be the most difficult part of the jury selection process.

“Everyone, anyone, no matter who you are, no matter whether you wear blue or red goggles, needs to give the former president the same rights that any of us do, which is that he’s innocent until proven guilty,” Saland added