CNN commentator and former Obama adviser Van Jones said on Tuesday that President Biden may have his “one big shot” at getting re-elected next year gone if he “screws up” in an upcoming debate against ex-President Trump. Van Jones went on to say: 

“To me, this is the whole damn election. Everyone will be watching,” During an interview with CNN host Jim Acosta on Thursday. Jones also said, “You are brain-dead if you miss this, period.”

Experts say that if Biden has one of his slip-ups or stutter-ups, it’s game over. If Biden goes down in the polls next week, experts predict it will cause full-on panic within The Left party. Yet, experts also mention that if Biden can pull it off and “handle himself against Donald Trump – the freight train, locomotive, that he is, this guy should have another shot at being president because that is tough.” 

The coverage made Acosta wonder if Biden could neutralize GOP attacks criticizing his mental acuity by coming out and delivering a powerful performance on June 27.

While his second guest, legal analyst, and former Trump White House counsel Jim Schulz, argued the debates could erase some of the American voters’ concerns about Biden’s age and mental fitness, he said: “One debate will not do it.”

Recent videos of Biden staggering off-stage at high-profile events have fueled fresh fears and speculation about the president’s mental acuity. Jones, however, concurred with Acosta’s point that talking of the president as weak could play into Trump’s hands during the debate.

The initial debate, to be aired on CNN, will be moderated by anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, both of whom have been scathing critics of Trump.

The rules are simple, it’s a 90-minute debate, the first of three scheduled, and spectators saw the two candidates’ campaigns translate differing rules earlier in the week on muting their microphones when it was not their turn to talk. We’ll see what happens during the first of the three debates and moreover, if Biden is even mentally fit to speak.