Biden CAUGHT LYING in Charlottesville

Trump’s campaign accuses Biden of pushing ‘lie’ as fact-check disputes claim Trump praised neo-Nazis in 2017. They demand Biden stop pushing this laughable “hoax.”

The left-leaning fact-checking website Snopes even published a debunk Saturday about the lies President Biden and some members of the media continue disseminating. This narrative can be traced back to Trump’s remarks at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, saying there were “very fine people on both sides,” referring to neo-Nazis. Biden frequently repeats the discredited allegation, even saying it was why he ran in 2020 against Trump for president.

Trump campaign national press secretary Karoline Leavitt told Fox News Digital on Sunday that the Snopes fact-check “validates Trump” and shows “Biden has no limit on dishonesty, nor do any of his fellow corrupt Democrats.” Leavitt concluded, “The Charlottesville lie was another hoax perpetrated by the corrupt Democrats and their mouthpieces in the fake news media, just like the Hunter Biden laptop and Russian collusion scandal and so many others, in an effort to tarnish President Trump. Joe Biden needs to discontinue any ads that falsely say President Trump called the virus a hoax as well.’’ 

This clearly reflects how Democrats weaponized the misinformation campaign against Trump. While this fact-checking comes from Snopes, a site not particularly given to right-leaning views, it does back up the claims of the Trump campaign that the “very fine people” narrative has always been a distortion.

And the Charlottesville episode has been a linchpin in Biden’s assault on Trump as a racist who equivocates when it comes to condemning white supremacists. Even if Snopes is on its toes to put the lie of that story to bed, how many countless other lies have Biden and his lack of integrity gotten through already? The larger issue here is if Biden built his campaign on top of the original lie, it calls into question not only his credibility but also the moral framework from which he has etched out his political game plan. 

Furthermore, this is not an exception. And as Leavitt noted, the Democrats and their media sycophants have a storied history of pushing lies to undermine Trump. The Hunter Biden laptop scandal has mostly been confirmed as real, having been kicked down the memory hole of Russian disinformation during the election. After literally years of dominating the news cycle, the Russia collusion story crumbled at its foundations. These examples show the pattern of lies in delegitimizing Trump and deceiving the public.

And this is a call to arms for right-wing GOP supporters. It highlights why we need to be vigilant and always question the narrative being rolled out by the mainstream media. It is a timely reminder that the facts are very different from the politically motivated lies fed to an unwitting public and that seeking out and supporting independent verification of them is more important than ever.