As the first day of former President Donald Trump’s hush money case drew to an end, many legal experts shared their thoughts and opinions on the case.

One such expert is Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley, who described the case as absurd and added that the law was not supposed to work that way.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted the former president for allegedly falsifying business records related to payments to adult movie star Stormy Daniel.

Turley, while speaking on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” told host Dana Perino that Trump’s opponent would have been better off just trying the former president over the Mar-a-Lago case.

“The more cases against Trump, the less justice we receive as a people,” Turley said. “You know, the opponents of Trump would have been far better off with just one case, the Mar-a-Lago case. That’s based on real law, real precedent, and one can disagree with the interpretations. But it’s not a reach in the sense of this case.”

Turley added that Bragg’s case against the former president is so absurd that it creates a “criminal code just for Trump.”

“This case is creating something, it’s creating a criminal code just for Trump. You know, you have a misdemeanor whose time has expired, the statute limitations ran out, and it was revived in this rather curious way,” Turley added. “He’s effectively arguing that Trump was filing false business records through his counsel to hide a federal crime. But it isn’t a federal crime, this wasn’t a campaign contribution. None of that appears to matter, and that’s why a lot of us are looking at this and recoiling. This is not how the law is supposed to be.”

Turley, a constitutional law professor, suggested that Bragg is bending the law because that is what New Yorkers want.

“New Yorkers appear to like it this way. They elected James, who ran on bagging Trump for anything, didn’t even mention what. And they now are lionizing this district attorney who’s putting together what many of us consider to be an absurd indictment.”

The first day of the trial witnessed several dramatic moments, including one where the judge threatened to arrest Trump if he skipped any day of the trial.

The judge also declined Trump’s request to miss a court date on May 17 so he could attend his son Baron’s graduation.