House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) may lose the gavel soon, according to his colleague Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE).

According to Bacon, Johnson could lose his seat if he brought a Ukraine aid bill to the House floor. The Nebraska lawmaker made the revelation during an appearance on Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“It’s possible. I’m not going to deny it. We have one or two people that are not team players. They’d rather enjoy the limelight, the social media and the fact is with the one-seat majority and we’ll wind up with a three or four-seat majority after the special elections and it’s not three or four or five people and one or two people can make this a minority. I’m of the view that you work with the team. I don’t want to get 100%. 80% is the Ronald Reagan rule, but we have some people that if they don’t get 100% they want to bring the House down and they make it dysfunctional. I do think there are Democrats who do not want to see this election and they don’t want to be there for a vote and after the bill we may have a standoff with the speaker. I hope the speaker prevails. He’s doing the right thing. It’s in our national security interest that Ukraine remain independent.”

Reports on Political Intel showed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) filed a motion that would force a vote to strip the gavel off Johnson.

Greene made the move after Johnson allegedly violated House Republican rules when he tabled the $1.2 trillion minibus spending bill.

The speaker tabled the bill even though it did not receive a majority support from House Republicans.

“Speaker Johnson violated our rules and forced us to vote for a bill funding open borders, abortion, and trans ideology for our kids,” Green wrote on X. “Republican voters deserve a leader who will stand up, not roll over to Chuck Schumer. It’s time to select a new Speaker of the House.”

Johnson has, however, claimed that Greene’s move is a distraction from efforts to save the republic.