Biden On His LAST LEGS

President Biden and former President Donald Trump faced off in their high-stakes 2024 election debate rematch on Thursday, and the contrast between the two could not have been more striking, body language expert Susan Constantine says Fox News.


According to Constantine, the physical difference between the candidates was noticeable from the moment they took the stage in Atlanta, and it set the tone for the rest of the evening, with Trump exuding strength and confidence in his demeanor, while Biden displayed a tired and slow demeanor, exacerbated by his raspy voice, mumbled answers, and often dazed looks.


“I was really concerned because the minute [Biden] walked out on that stage, I felt he [was] not feeling good,” Constantine told the crowd. “His skin was pale, it was pasty, and he literally looked like a dead man walking.”


“It was as if everything were in slow motion,” she went on. “His fingers and lack of movement, as he was speaking made him look like a frozen statue on stage. It was truly hard to witness. [Trump] maintained a more serious demeanor. He didn’t make as many facial motions as we usually see him do. He didn’t show off his wide smile to anyone. He was very serious when he went out on stage, and it remained that way throughout the debate.”



Constantine went further: “It made Biden look exceptionally weak and made Donald Trump exceptionally powerful.”

Biden’s campaign blamed the raspy voice on a cold, but the president’s uneven debate performance dominated the headlines, prompting a new round of calls from political pundits and some Democrats for the president to step down as the party’s standard-bearer.


But prominent Biden loyalists pushed back against such ideas, defending the president and criticizing Trump for lying throughout the debate.


According to Constantine, Biden had clearly rehearsed several of his replies and went through them quickly to avoid forgetting his words. However, when he failed to recall lines, it tripped him up, resulting in him giving extended looks, frequently without blinking, which she described as a “stalker stare.”


“And the minute he forgot a couple of words, it was all over with, right, and then you could see that dropped mouth, and it was that dumbfounded look,” she told me. “His eyes would go wide open, almost zombie-like. So he had a really flat look in his eyes.”


She also claimed Biden received too many cosmetic injections, which hindered him from making normal facial expressions.


“He was really way too botoxed out, and that is a real problem because it can create some cognitive issues because when you shut down those emotions through facial effects, it can affect your brain,” Constantine says. “It really almost felt abusive, in my opinion, to literally allow him … [to] go through that kind of pressure knowing that he is in this high cognitive decline was to me, almost abusive.”