The family of a New York firefighter is in mourning after their loved one was made to pay the ultimate price so the city can cater to the needs of illegal immigrants.

According to the Daily Caller, former New York Fire Department (FDNY) firefighter Derek Floyd, 36, died of a heart attack just four months after he lost his job. Floyd’s dismissal comes weeks after New York City officials cut FDNY’s budget to cater to illegal immigrants. The budget cut led to Floyd losing his job and his insurance.

Floyd’s widow, Cristine, 34, told the New York Post that her husband’s dismissal contributed to his death.

“I wouldn’t wish it on anyone,” Christine told The Post. “I think it definitely took a toll once they let him go. He always tried to, like, stay positive about it, and he wasn’t really angry. “But you see a person, and the wheels are turning in their brain where they’re just constantly thinking, so I definitely think it did affect us.”

Cristine revealed that Floyd, a firefighter veteran who served three tours in the Middle East with the Marines, found another job with a nonprofit that helps veterans. However, the job offered limited benefits and did not pay as much as his firefighter job.

“If Derek would have stayed on, he would have had a life insurance policy with the FDNY,” Cristine said. “That would have helped out financially because right now, it’s really bad. I’m honestly swimming in a lot of debt.”

Cristine told The Post that watching her husband struggle to make ends meet after his dismissal was the worst part.

“I really, really loved him, and so it was hard,” she said.


Andrew Ansbro, president of the Uniformed Firefighter Association, expressed his frustration with the city’s decision, adding Floyd’s dismissal was “absolutely unnecessary.”

“What disturbs me the most is that the FDNY is understaffed by hundreds of firefighters. Terminating [Floyd] was absolutely unnecessary,” Ansbro told The Post. “He had an important job, and the FDNY actually needed him in that unit. He was terminated so the department could prove that they were making cuts. He deserved better.”

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh revealed that Floyd’s wife and two kids will get all the financial and legal help they need.

“We are heartbroken over the passing of former Probationary Firefighter Derek Floyd and will explore all financial, legal and legislative options to help his family and ensure they have the support they need during this time,” Kavanagh said in a statement.