California, a state led by Democrats and known for its liberal policies, is one of America’s most lawless states. Crime rates have skyrocketed, with officials refusing to prosecute crimes such as shoplifting and drug use.

The Democrat-led state has suffered from years of bad liberal policies, with rising homelessness and public drug use forcing many residents, including business organizations, to flee the state.

The trend of rampant crime continued on Sunday morning when the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that it arrested a suspect who broke into the home of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass.

According to the New York Post, the suspect broke into the Democrat mayor’s home at about 6:40 a.m. while there were people in the house. Police said the suspect broke into Getty House, the mayor’s official home, located on South Irving Boulevard in Windsor Square.

Officers responded to the home and arrested the suspect without incident.

However, X users are responding to the incident with criticism of the mayor’s weak on crime policies.

“L.A. Mayor Karen Bass had her home broken into Sunday morning. She had her previous home in 2022 burglarized when she ran for office. Bass also said we need to let more criminals out of jail. This is who Los Angeles elected,” one X user wrote.

Another user suggested that Bass is “glorifying criminals” with her weak on crime policies.

“LA Mayor Karen Bass has her house broken into and zero sympathy over here, stop glorifying criminals. Intruder Smashes Window Into Los Angeles Mayor’s Home,” the user wrote.

Another X user insisted that they feel “zero sympathy” for Bass after she supported policies that cut prison populations.

“I feel zero sympathy for any politician who supported policies to ‘CUT THE PRISON POPULATION IN HALF’ (bail reform),” the user wrote.

According to the Daily Mail, police identified the suspect as Ephraim Matthew Hunter. He is currently being held on a $50,000 bond, and his case will go before the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office this week.

Bass, a former Democrat lawmaker, has pushed progressive policies across the city, including no-cash bail.