Biden’s ‘Acting’ Sets off WARNING BELLS

In the debate on Thursday night, President Joe Biden tried to allay rumors that he is neither physically nor intellectually capable of holding the job. His performance, on the other hand, was a chorus of warning bells declaring that his time was obviously over.


Everything about the Biden-Trump presidential debate was extraordinary, from the pitch-black, empty auditorium to the game-show-style microphone manipulation to the fact that it’s only June.


To be clear, Biden did not anticipate that he would be traveling to Atlanta; there are caverns deeper than expected in the Pacific Ocean. Basically, he would pass the test and keep his candidacy safe if he could only seem regular and make a compelling argument. Trump had a very different problem. Could he act appropriately? Would he get resentful of the perhaps antagonistic moderators and the Rube Goldberg rules? Could he hold onto the presidency, or at least his vision of it, and deflect Biden’s criticism over his alleged threat to democracy?


Trump was mostly successful in this.


As for Biden, he seemed weak and elderly as soon as he walked slowly up to his platform, his voice shaky and raspy. When he attempted to attribute Trump’s inflation in his first complex response on the economy, things didn’t get any better.

There were moments when he just seemed lost, his eyes darting about as if he didn’t know what to look at. It was almost like a subliminal panic. Without an audience to perform for, Trump instead seemed more like he was doing a radio interview, answering questions for the moderators. When Trump dissected Biden’s claims on unemployment, claiming that the “only jobs he created were for illegal immigrants and bounce-back jobs” from COVID, this was clearly visible.


Regarding Afghanistan, a bewildered Biden claimed to be the only president in this decade to have avoided losing a US soldier in combat—a ridiculous falsehood coming from the commander-in-chief who terribly bungled the retreat, killing thirteen men in the process.


Or did he just forget? Was he looking at his watch once more?


Biden got agitated and less coherent as the questions kept coming, even though they weren’t very tough. His face resembled a still pond that was empty and dead. Biden’s comments and manner astonished even his opponent.