Former President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, weighed in on the ongoing presidential immunity argument before the Supreme Court, noting the wild implication the Justices’ ruling could have.

President Trump, who is facing four criminal indictments, has asked the Supreme Court if presidential immunity protects him from the charges he is currently facing.

Eric, who appeared on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” told host Maria Bartiromo that there would be grave consequences if the Supreme Court Justices ruled against his father. Eric insisted that ruling against his father could leave Former Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush open to charges related to some of their conduct while in office.

“They are going to go after every single president. They’ll start with Obama: Fast and Furious, right, where he gives 2,000 weapons to cartel members. And then they’ll go to Obama, where he weaponized the IRS against conservatives,” Eric Trump said. “They’ll probably go after Joe Biden for having cocaine in the White House. They’ll go after Biden, then, for raiding his opponent’s home. They’ll probably go after him after that for literally two weeks before the 2022 primaries, literally depleting the petroleum national, you know, the reserves so he could lower gas prices by four cents and hopefully help him actually in the polls. I mean, where do you want us to stop? Are they going to go after George Bush for lying about, you know, weapons of mass destruction? You know, where does this stop, Maria?”

The former president’s son added that lawyers in Washington will be the only ones benefiting from the rule.

“The only people that are gonna win are gonna be the lawyers in Washington, D.C.,” Eric Trump said. “The floodgates are gonna open, and I guarantee you, Joe Biden will not have one foot outside of the White House doors before they start going after him legally, ruthlessly. Presidents need immunity in this country. If they don’t, their entire tenure as president is literally gonna be filled in depositions and subpoenas like they’ve tried to do [with] my father for the last eight years. We can’t have this legal lawfare in this country. We need a president to actually be able to function and run the United States of America.”