As former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial rumbles in New York, one legal analyst is advising the president to take the most daring step ever.

The former president’s criminal trial has held the nation’s attention in recent weeks, with several legal experts insisting that the trial is not going according to plan for the defendants. The case against the former president stemmed from a hush money payment he made to adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep an alleged affair secret.

Fox Legal Editor Kerri Urbahn advised Trump to own up to the fact that he paid Daniels to keep the alleged affair a secret.

“So the one thing I’m a little bit surprised about is why not just own the fact that, yes, I paid this woman, you know, this compensation for this NDA, it’s not illegal,” Urbahn said on Fox News’ Fox & Friends. “Yes, there were discussions about catch-and-kill schemes, not illegal. Yes, I didn’t want bad stories about myself, you know, especially when it came to women. Not illegal. So why are we here? This is a court of law. There are crimes. Elements need to be proved.”

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged the former president with intent to defraud, arguing that Trump made the payment to influence the 2016 election. Urbahn, however, insisted that Bragg’s argument makes no sense.

“We were talking about this element of intent to defraud that comes with the falsifying business records charge, and we were talking to each other and saying, well, who was he intended to defraud? The American people? Because if that’s the case, what about all the politicians that make promises that they never keep? We’re going to lower taxes. We’re going to close the partisan divide. You know, we’re going to solve the energy crisis. And if they don’t execute those promises, were they defrauding people when they ran?. And is the, are there grounds? If there were some kind of it attached to a payment somewhere, you know, it’s quite something.”