Former President Donald Trump’s new found riches is not going down well with some members of the liberal mainstream media, with an MSNBC panel calling for an investigation into the former president.

Trump’s wealth skyrocketed following a successful merger of his Truth Social media platform, a move that led to a significant surge in the company’s stock value and, consequently, the former president’s net worth.

The former president’s newfound fortune did not go down well with the liberal panelists, who falsely accused Trump and his partners of stock manipulation.

“Any other social media platform that went public has a real business, has product innovations. This is nothing,” MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle said. “All this is Donald Trump posting. And so you’ve got … that whole kind of Wall Street Bets, Trump loyalist[s] … saying I’m going to take this thing to the moon. But the other group that could be more dangerous, what an unbelievable transfer of money, right? Unofficial payments, unregulated, almost political donations that nobody’s going to track. And that’s when people are looking at the SEC saying, ‘are you kidding me?’”

CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin maintains that someone is clearly trying to push up the stock price to transfer money to the former president.

“The whole thing is absurd,” Sorkin said. “Why the SEC does not think there’s some kind of stock manipulation going on, by the way, but clearly this is one of these almost meme-like stocks where there’s clearly a group of people that are trying to push up the price to almost transfer money potentially to the former president.”

The former president’s social media company’s stock soared even higher on Tuesday, rising by 6% after the company announced it has over $200 million of cash on hand and is debt-free. Sorkin argued that gains like that make no sense.

“That’s why I said, where’s the SEC in this?” Sorkin added. “Because this is one of those true manipulations of sorts … People have trying to push up the price almost like in a pyramid-like way to try to get money to the president to try to, effectively, influence the outcome of the election. Why nobody’s going, ‘what is going on here’, makes no sense.”