Former Fox News Host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson shook the world after making shocking claims during an appearance on the “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Carlson on Friday told host Joe Rogan there is no evidence UFOs are aliens or alien technology. The former Fox News host insisted that UFOs are spiritual while suggesting they were fulfilling biblical prophecies.

“The prophet Ezekiel writes about it in the first chapter: the wheels in the sky,” Carlson said after Rogan asked him about the lying saucers and disks Kenneth Arnold sighted in the 1950s. “Well, it is crazy if you read it, it’s like ‘Oh, wow.’ You know? So we’re not just the Hebrew Scriptures, it’s all over every. So these are spiritual phenomenon. There’s no evidence they’re from another planet. I mean, I think that’s the op, that’s the lie that they’re from Mars. Look, space, the atmosphere is really well monitored, right? Both for military, for defense reasons, but also because like it’d be nice to know when asteroids are coming. And there’s no evidence — has never been any evidence that are lots of these objects, these vehicles coming into our atmosphere from somewhere else, some other planet, there’s no evidence of that at all.”

UFO sightings have been at the front of discussion in recent years, with many accusing the government of cover-up. Many lawmakers, including Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN), are pushing for the government to declassify files relating to UFOs.

Burchett, following a classified briefing on UFOs, insisted that the government may be intentionally concealing information on the foreign objects.

“I think there’s a cover-up,” Burchett told The Hill. “There are tens of millions of dollars that we’ve spent investigating these things. We’ve had departments tell us that they have recovery units, but they won’t release full reports. Everything’s covered up.”

Whistleblowers HAVE ALSO testified before Congress that UFOs pose a significant risk to the country’s national intelligence. Former military intelligence officer and whistleblower David Grusch testified before lawmakers last July that the Pentagon and other agencies had a program where they were trying to reverse-engineer alien technology.

Despite Grush’s claims, Carlson on Friday insisted that none of the alien technology belonged to the U.S.

“None of it’s ours,” Carlson said. “…But yeah, they’re working on all kinds of things, obviously, that are classified. But in general, no, they can’t control these objects. So no, it’s not American technology, or Russian, or Chinese. It predates all of that.”