Biden’s Appearance on ABC is NOT CONVINCING

Following last week’s debate, CNN senior media analyst Sara Fischer, senior media correspondent for Axios, argued on the network on Thursday that President Biden’s impending interview with ABC won’t be enough to mend his image with the American people.


Some in the Democratic Party are fearing for Joe Biden’s prospects of defeating former President Trump in November as a result of his performance at the CNN Presidential Debate. Many of the president’s most ardent supporters asked him to either stand down or demonstrate his leadership skills as a result of his looks and gaffes, which stoked ongoing public outrage over his suitability to hold office.


While Fischer contended that much more work has to be done if Biden is to comfort voters, he will be appearing on Friday for a post-debate interview with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos.


“Don’t look at this 90-minute debate,” is one of the points the president is attempting to make. See my three and a half years,” Fischer added. “Well, the challenge also works on the flipside; if you don‘t want us to believe what we saw, then give us multiple examples of you being able to do a live, unscripted interview so we can see that this was just a one-off if that‘s what you claim.”

The writer went on to detail why the American people won’t be satisfied with Biden’s much-awaited interview with Stephanopoulos.


“The problem they are now facing is that the ABC News interview won’t be sufficient. They must regularly exhibit and prove their ability to do this task in an unplanned manner, according to Fischer. “I can‘t stress that enough.”


The reporter provided other instances of Biden’s appearances that, in a similar vein, will not be enough to restore his standing in the American political arena.


It’s true that holding rallies in Raleigh won’t persuade Americans that he is in control of the situation. The American people won’t be persuaded by his holding news conferences while using a teleprompter, she added. “He needs to be in an interview where he‘s being pressed live in a spontaneous moment, so people can see whether or not he can really be quick on his feet.”