Former Attorney General of The United States Bill Barr dismissed one of the left’s favorite narratives when he insisted that former President Donald Trump is not the real threat to the country.

The Democrats, alongside President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign and the liberal mainstream media, have continued to claim that Trump is a threat to the nation and its democracy.

Barr—in an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto—maintained that he does not see Trump as the right-wing dictator the left claims.

“At the end of the day, you have to remember — serving in his administration, I was fine with his policies,” Barr said. “I think his policies were good policies. My problems came with his behavior, which I found very troubling after the election. And I think the idea that he’s going to be an autocrat and take over power like some right-wing dictator is not the threat facing our country.

Barr added that while he disagreed with some of the former president’s behavior when he was in office, the real threat to the country comes from the far left.

“The threat to our country is from the far-left and the drift that’s been occurring toward really a socialistic system and one that brooks no opposition, that cancels people, that has only one viewpoint taught in colleges that tries to push parents out of the picture when it comes to the education of their children,” the former attorney general added. “It is a heavy-handed bunch of thugs, in my opinion, and that’s where the threat is.”

Barr, who previously revealed that he will vote for Trump in 2024 despite their public fallout, also insisted that The Biden administration is a greater threat to democracy.

“The Biden administration is, in fact, a greater threat to democracy. I think they have a totalitarian temper,” Barr added. “They have bought into the progressive movement, and they are trying to squelch opposition and freedom of speech. I don’t think Biden should be anywhere near the White House.

Barr served as Trump’s attorney general heading into the 2020 election. However, Barr left the role under contentious circumstances. The former president insisted that he fired Barr, while Barr, on the other hand, continues to maintain that he resigned of his own free will.