The Democrats’ persecution of former President Donald Trump has gotten so bad that a lawmaker is turning on the hush money case against the former president.

Trump began the defense of his hush money case on Monday. Many legal experts have argued that the case should not have been brought against the former president. News Nation’s “Cuomo” host Chris Cuomo, while interviewing Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), brought up the case for discussion.

“Here is the criticism. This is a bad look for the Democrats,” Cuomo said. “Bragg counts as a Democrat, James counted as a Democrat – in the other case, but that one’s done [and] now we’re dealing with Bragg’s case. It looks like this is a stretch at best to go after a guy that you guys are afraid you can’t beat at the polls. How do you see it?”

Khanna, while responding to Cuomo’s question, maintained that the case is the weakest of the four criminal indictments against the former president.

“I think we’ve got to make the case at the polls,” Khanna said. “I mean I don’t think we should be making the case legally, and I agree with you Chris that this is probably the weakest of the other cases. But people care about the cost of food, they care about the cost of rent, they care about the cost of gas, they care about the fact that this country offshored manufacturing for decades and hollowed out rural and factory towns – what are we doing on that?”

The Democrat lawmaker insisted his party can beat Trump by focusing on improving the economy before adding that the hush money case is a “distraction to the core issues.”

“I think we can beat Donald Trump saying we’re going to do better on the economy, on bringing manufacturing back, on helping working-class families. This is a total distraction to the core issues we need to focus on.”