Dem Convention Calls for BIDENS RESIGNATION

The Chicago Tribune, which is headquartered in the city that will host the Democratic National Convention is urging President Biden to withdraw from the race when the dust settles after the first presidential debate in 2024.


“Biden was an encapsulation of what many Americans have come to know very well as they care for aged parents, partners, friends, grandparents, and colleagues: a man now struggling to maintain a line of thought and keep track of complex facts, a man who gets flustered under deadline pressure, a man who has become vulnerable and yet, at the same time, far less self-aware,” the Tribune’s editorial board wrote.


Everyone now views President Biden running for a second term as “a ridiculous idea,” the editorial continued, adding that Biden ought to “be a single-term president who now has seen the light when it comes to his own capabilities in the face of the singular demands of being the President of the United States.”


the 46th president’s present mental capacity was “painted a picture of fictional cognitive vitality” by the White House, and that they “have been covering up a reality that they must have seen.”


Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, and other Democrats praised Biden’s performance on Thursday. “I will never turn my back on President Biden,” Newsom said on “CBS News.” “I don’t know a Democrat in my party that would do so.”

The Tribune questioned the left’s allegiance, questioning why they would stick behind Biden in spite of his debate performance.


To act as though he is the party’s top pick for a further four years? It’s really rich for a party that likes to call Republicans cowards,” they added. Enough time to “make a change” before the August convention this year.


“Democrats have a big problem to solve before they come to this city for a convention that they’ve been desperately trying to script as precisely as possible, but that is shaping up to be considerably more dramatic than anticipated,” the piece said.


Surveys conducted around the country indicate that voter sentiment is shifting as the debate’s aftermath fades.


According to a Fox News survey, 87% of American youth voters think Biden is “too old to be effective” in the White House for a second term.


Democratic strategist and former Hillary Clinton campaign member Al Mottur said, “I think [Biden] intends to stay in the race, but if he decides not to, then it is ultimately up to the delegates at the DNC convention, and that gets very, very messy and will result in a lot of chaos.”