David Hilliard, former leader of the Black Panther, praised former president Donald Trump in a viral video.

In the video posted on TikTok on Sunday, Hilliard called Trump a decent man and a friend to African Americans. The Black Panther leader said Trump also supported the Black Panther Party.

“Trump is a person who’s a decent man, and he supported the Black Panther Party,” Hilliard said. “He was someone who gave us money.”

In addition, Hilliard described Trump as a friend of African Americans and said he knew the former president from the 1960s.

“Trump’s a friend of African Americans, and I knew Trump from the 1960s in New York, where he comes from, and he’s a friend to African Americans,” Hilliard said. “I mean, he’s not a racist. He’s not a racist, fascist white man. He supported Black people. He’s always been a friend of black people. That’s how I know him.”

Carol Mitchell, the lady who conducted the interview, posted the original video to TikTok on Sunday. Mitchell asked Hilliard his thoughts on the multiple charges against the former president.

“In your opinion, sir, your valued opinion, why do you think they put all these charges on Trump and they’re afraid of him to be president?” Mitchell asked Hilliard in the video.

In response, Hilliard defended the former president, saying he likes the Blacks.

“Because Trump likes Africans in America. He likes Black folks,” Hilliard replied. “I think that Trump is qualified in a decent approach to having somebody representing America.”

However, Hilliard’s grandson claimed his comments were misinterpreted and were not an endorsement of Trump for president.

Eric Jones, Hilliard’s grandson, posted on X on Tuesday, heavily criticizing Mitchell.

In a separate post, Jones claimed his grandfather does not even know Trump is a politician and has been dealing with cognitive issues since 2014. In that case, he could only recall the past.

“That is purely speaking in terms of the past; that is not a nod of support to any of today’s political climate and with Donald Trump or any other candidate,” Jones said in the video.