Some university students could soon find themselves in trouble over their participation in the ongoing violent and unruly antisemitic protests on school campuses.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Sunday called on the University students to expel some of those students. The GOP lawmaker also called on President Joe Biden to revoke the visas of foreign students who partook in the protest.

“They should not have been allowed to fester on campus for two weeks when these liberal administrators and liberal politicians refused to send in the police to clear them out the very first day they set up their tents. You can protest all you want. If you want to make a fool of yourself and support a terrorist group, you can do that,” Cotton said in a Sunday interview with ABC “This Week’s host Jonathan Karl. “Now, if you’re a foreigner, you can’t. And where’s Joe Biden’s administration demanding that universities turn over the names of any foreign students here on a visa, revoking those visas and deporting them? That’s something that Joe Biden can do today.”

Earlier on the show, the lawmaker blasted Joe Biden for his late and half-hearted condemnation of the protest.

“It was two weeks after these pro-Hamas fanatics had taken over a lot of campuses, and set up these little Gazas,” the lawmaker said. “He didn’t specifically speak to what they’re saying and what they’re doing. They’re chanting final solution. They’re telling Jews to go back to where they came from. They’re spray-painting buildings with vile, antisemitic hate. He said, well, we shouldn’t have antisemitism or hate speech in the abstract or Islamophobia. Where are the encampments, Jon, on campuses spreading Islamophobia? Why is Joe Biden so equivocal? Why does he have to draw moral equivalence between thousands of students who are setting up these little Gazas all across America.”

Cotton also criticized the pressure that Joe Biden has put on Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Yet Joe Biden, for seven months, has leaned on Israel, has pressured Benjamin Netanyahu, has told him to stand down when they get attacked by Iran, has said they can’t go into the last holdout where Hamas has its final terrorist battalions,” Cotton continued. “But, no, these students on campuses, they deserved our contempt. They also deserved our mockery. I mean, they’re out there in their N95 masks in open air, with their — with their gluten allergies, demanding that Uber Eats gets delivered to them.”