Authorities arrested a man after he carried out one of the most daring feats ever.

Law enforcement in Florida arrested Christopher Levins after he impersonated a police officer and even made an arrest during his illegal stint as a police officer.

The suspect, who has had multiple prison stints since 2016, allegedly shot a video that detailed the incident. However, authorities did not reveal when the incident happened.

In the video, Levins was dressed as a law enforcement officer. The video also showed Levins approaching a female and informing her about a warrant for her arrest.

According to a local news outlet, as the video went further, Levins proceeded to handcuff her hands and placed her into the front seat of his vehicle, taking her to the Lake County Jail.

Upon arrival at the jail, Levins was then stopped by a deputy who asked if the vehicle he just exited was his patrol car.

He then replied, claiming he was a bondsman and his personal vehicle.

According to the outlet, two weeks after Orange County Sheriff’s agents reviewed the video, they traveled to New York to meet with the apprehended woman. Upon their arrival, the agents conducted an in-person audio-recorded interview.

The woman reviewed the video, identified herself and Levins and then recalled the incident. According to the woman who is yet to be identified, she believed Levins was a police officer from Leesburg, Florida.

She also added that if she had known he was not a law enforcement officer, she would not have allowed him to secure her in handcuffs or take her to jail.

Police reportedly arrested Levins and charged him with kidnapping on April 4. He spent five days in jail before being released on a $50,000 bond.

However, this is not Levins’s first arrest for impersonating an officer. In 2016, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office charged him with impersonating a Department of Homeland Security official.

The following year, Levins was arrested by the University of South Florida Police Department for allegedly posing as a law enforcement official to impress female college students.