Former President Donald Trump may face travel restrictions to many countries, including the UK and Canada, if his conviction is upheld.

According to Breitbart News, laws and policies in various countries prevent individuals with criminal convictions from entering their territory.

Trump was recently found guilty on Thursday on all 34 counts in his hush-money trial. The charges stemmed from payments made before his 2016 presidential election to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Trump’s hearing is set for July 11, a few days before the Republican National Convention.

Karl Rove (R), who has been a critic of Trump in the past, said in a statement last week that a guilty verdict could potentially cost Trump key swing voters in crucial states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

According to Breitbart News, the former president may appeal the conviction, which may or may not be overturned before the presidential election. However, if he wins the election before his conviction is overturned, other countries may make an exception and allow him to enter their territory for official business.

There are 37 nations worldwide that could ban Trump from crossing their borders,  based on their laws. These include the U.S., Canada, Japan, Israel, Australia, South Africa, China and Mexico.

However, despite being unable to enter these countries, nothing bars the former president from running for the presidency.

In addition, the former president has continued to gain more support in his quest for the presidency.

Trump’s campaign has raised $53 million in campaign donations just 24 hours after the conviction. Meanwhile, Republicans and many supporters have come out in defense of Trump, voicing out that the former president is being treated unfairly by the judicial system.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Neom took to X to voice her support for the former president.

“President Trump did nothing wrong, and even the liberal media knows it. The judge violated Trump’s constitutional rights and did everything in his power to get this outcome despite the clear evidence Trump was innocent,” Neom wrote.