Former President Donald Trump’s attorney, Will Scharf, has indicated that the former president could pursue a malicious prosecution lawsuit against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Scharf made this statement in an appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” to discuss Trump’s hush money trial brought by Bragg.

When asked if Trump’s team would take action against Judge Juan Merchan, the presiding judge, if the former president is acquitted, Scharf said the team would have to consider our legal options.

“I think we’d have to consider our legal options at that point,” Scharf said. “But, I think the case for malicious prosecution here is extraordinarily strong; this is not a case that would have been brought against any defendant not named Donald Trump and any defendant who frankly wasn’t running for president.”

When asked how they’d handle a possible conviction in the case, Scharf said Trump’s team would appeal and would get that conviction thrown out on appeal.

Last Friday, Trump took to his truth social app, criticizing Merchan and Bragg, suggesting that the charges in the case were based on a simple bookkeeping error.

“The Disgraceful District Attorney and his Thugs, WITH FULL APPROVAL, I assume, by the Highly Conflicted Judge, Juan Merchan, and the Crooked Joe Biden Administration .. keep talking about the ‘bookkeeping error’ or ‘crime’,” Trump wrote. “I am being prosecuted because a bookkeeper, who I had no contact with, marked down, from a drop-down menu in the ledger, a Legal Expense to a lawyer as ‘Legal Expense.’ What the hell is wrong with that?”

Trump also tagged the trial as “unjust” of a highly favored president leading the polls against his Democratic rival.

“For this ridiculous charge, Millions of Dollars have been spent on the PERSECUTION of a Popular President (Who got more Votes than any sitting President in History!) and the current Leader in the Polls against his Democrat Opponent, Crooked Joe Biden, without whom NO CASE WOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED,” Trump wrote.

The hush money trial, which started six weeks ago, ended with a conviction on Thursday. The former president was found guilty of the felony counts leveled against him.