President Joe Biden’s border failure hit a new low after a video emerged of military-aged men storming the border and overwhelming members of the Texas National Guard.

The video, which was widely circulated on X, showed the migrants pulling down border barriers and swarming the five National Guardsmen trying to keep them from crossing the border. The illegal immigrants then rushed through the opened barrier and trampled over guardsmen.

The group of migrants, consisting mostly of military-aged men in hoodies, gloves, and winter jackets, could be seen pulling fencing away and dashing through the razor-sharp wire as a group of five guards formed a defensive position to fill the gap.

However, their charge into the country was stopped by a bigger and stronger barrier at the border.

The video was first shared by the New York Post’s Jennie Taer and has been viewed by over 11 million X users since she posted it.

“This is the moment when the TX National Guard became overrun by migrants rioting to get across the border here in El Paso today,” Taer, a former reporter for Daily Caller, wrote on X. “We were there and saw it all happen. Absolute chaos here.”

According to The Post, over a hundred migrants broke through the razor-sharp barrier. The outlet also reported that some of its reporters had witnessed around 600 migrants amassed at the international border as part of a ‘spring surge’ of migrants arriving and hoping to gain access to the US.

A spokesperson for Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s office said the incident was the result of the chaos President Biden has unleashed on the border.

“The surge today in El Paso is the direct result of the unsustainable chaos President Biden has unleashed on the border,” the spokesperson told The Post on Thursday. “The Texas Military Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety quickly gained control of the situation and are working to repair the damage. These illegal immigrants committed crimes in Texas, and the Department of Public Safety is under instruction to arrest every illegal immigrant involved for committing criminal trespass and destruction of property.”