Dave Smith, comedian and libertarian political commentator, calls out former CNN anchor and Newsnation anchor Chris Cuomo during a special live PBD Podcast debate. 

The debate hosted by Patrick Bet-David had Smith and Cuomo speaking on COVID-19, Ivermectin, lockdown and the conviction of former President Donald Trump.

During the debate, Smith called out Cuomo for his remarks on Ivermectin, a drug that was used to help treat people who contracted COVID-19.

Speaking of the attack on Podcaster Joe Rogan, who was criticized for using Ivermectin, Cuomo claimed that he didn’t like what people did to Rogan about his stance on the medication.

Smith immediately fired back, “You did it. No, no. You did.”

The audience laughed, and Cuomo responded, “No. No.”

“Yes, you did. Dude, you shamed Joe Rogan. You said he’s taking a horse dewormer. You and Don Lemon were chuckling at each other about it. I’ll go find the clip, and I watched it,” Smith stated.

Following this, Cuomo challenged Smith to find the clips. Within seconds, a video clip from CNN resurfaced, showing Cuomo and former CNN host Don Lemon shaming the use of Ivermectin and tagging it as a dewormer.

“I was responding to a situation where we were told that this was what people were searching to take, and nobody knew what it would do. Look, I’m taking the drug right now. I don’t think it’s all poison,” Cuomo said in the clip.

The audience booed Cuomo after the video clip played.

“You’re being so dishonest right now,” Smith told Cuomo. “So you’re taking a dewormer right now? Do you want to apologize for that?”

Meanwhile, early last month, Cuomo appeared on the PBD podcast, admitting he was taking Ivermectin.

“I’ll tell you something else that’s going to get you a lot of hits,” Cuomo said. “I am taking … a regular dose of Ivermectin. Ivermectin was a boogeyman during COVID. That was wrong. We were given bad information about Ivermectin. The real question is, why?” Cuomo said. “Everyone will say, ‘Joe Rogan was right. No, Joe Rogan was saying – yeah, he was right – that’s not what matters. What matters is the entire medical community knew that Ivermectin couldn’t hurt you. They knew it … I know they knew it.”