Kyle Rittenhouse joined a growing list of voices blaming the University of Memphis administrators for the mayhem that occurred on Wednesday during a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) event at the school.

According to Political Intel, the school’s administrator made a last-minute demand that TPUSA change its previously approved ticketing process or face the prospect of the event being canceled. The school said it would email a re-ticketing link to those who have already secured their seats for the event.

According to TPUSA, the school administrators leaked the plan to protesters before the new links were made public, causing the protesters to get their hands on most of the tickets.

Rittenhouse, who was billed to speak at the event, appeared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the incident that saw him needing police protection.

“So it was very interesting,” Rittenhouse stated. “I got to speak-ish. I got to speak for about two to three minutes and then nobody would hear me out so I said, ‘Okay, let’s roll into a Q&A.’ I had about 30 minutes of a Q&A going back and forth and talking to these people. They didn’t seem to want to listen, there were some people that I had pretty good dialogue with [but] nobody really cared. Everybody just wanted to make a scene, be disrespectful, and cause chaos.”

Rittenhouse, who said he was at the event with a crowd of people who did not like him, blamed the school administrator for the mayhem that occurred.

“I was really disappointed with the university because Turning Point USA has a ticketing system that they have been using for a while now,” Rittenhouse said. “They use it to vet people, to make sure that they go to that campus, get the attendees, and make sure that what happened yesterday doesn’t happen. What happened yesterday was that the University of Memphis revoked Turning Point USA’s ticketing system and implemented their own ticketing system, alerted the protesters before anybody else that this is the ticketing system in place so that the protesters can go ahead and book all the tickets and either not show up, stage a mass walkout, or just harass me. I was in a room with an entire crowd of people who did not like me outside of maybe three or four people.”