A GOP politician was recently hospitalized after he was bitten by two snakes on Wednesday.

According to the Daily Caller, Doug Skaff —a candidate for West Virginia secretary of state— was bitten by two copperhead snakes while removing election campaign signs. Witnesses immediately called for medical assistance, who took the GOP politician to a nearby hospital.

Skaff is expected to survive the bites but must spend a few days in the hospital to recover.

Skaff told news outlets that the snakes bit him on the small toe of his right foot and on the calf of his left leg. The politician revealed that he may have stepped on a snake nest while removing the camping signs.

Skaff, a former Democrat who only switched to the Republican party in August, told reporters that he didn’t know what he stepped on until the snakes stung.

“I just felt like something sharp and then I grabbed my sign and it knocked me back. It may take a couple days till they get all this venom out to relieve the pressure on my muscle .Left leg from knees down completely swollen can’t touch it,” Skaff told MetroNews Talkline. “I get bit right there on my leg and it shocks me. I look down and there are two copperhead snakes. There was a baby snake and a bigger snake. I may have stepped on a nest or something.”

Skaff was removing the campaign signs with his 7-year-old son when the snakes bit him.

“It hurts more than I’ve had anything hurt me in my life,” Skaff added. “It’s more like a throbbing thing. We’re going to do another round of his venom reversal medicine. I’m going to go down to ICU and do it again.”

According to AP News, Skaff ran as a Republican in the West Virginia secretary of state’s race. Skaff finished second to Kris Warner in Tuesday’s unofficial results.

Skaff served in the House of Delegates from 2009 to 2014 and was re-elected in 2018. He stepped down as the Democratic leader of the House of Delegates and resigned from his seat representing Kanawha County in September. He switched to the Republican party and declared his intention to run for secretary of state in October.