Former United States Attorney Brett Tolman on Thursday revealed a major weakness in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ RICO case against former President Donald Trump.

Toolman, in an interview with “America’s Newsroom” co-hosts Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer, said the pattern of corruption that prosecutors alleged in the case is the biggest weakness in the case.

“I found it fascinating that the county attorney, you may have heard him make reference to the pattern, the pattern is the part of the racketeering charge, a pattern of corruption or criminal activity that has to be presented,” Tolman said. “And he is throwing that in because the indictment itself is incredibly weak in terms of its treatment of a pattern of criminal behavior. When you have, you know, folks like Ronna or you have in Georgia and other states you have individuals suggesting that the electors need to be replaced, that they don’t have it right there is fraud that has occurred, I mean then they challenge it in court, that’s very difficult to say that’s a pattern of corruption or criminal activity when they are doing it through the court system.”

Willis’ case against the former president has faced major setbacks following recent discoveries that she hired her lover to work on the case. According to reports, Willis hired Nathan Wade, with whom she has an intimate relationship, to work on the case.

The former president and his codefendant argued that Wade spent some of the money he was paid for working on taking Willis on expensive vacations. The defendant argued that Willis benefited financially from prosecuting them.

The defendants filed a petition to have Willis disqualified from the case. However, Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee ruled that Fani Willis can remain on the RICO case against the former president.

Willis’ case suffered another setback after Judge McAfee dismissed six counts from the charges she filed against Trump and his codefendants. According to Conservative Archives, McAfee found that the six counts did not give the Defendants enough information to prepare their defenses intelligently.