CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins received one of the biggest shocks of her life when her attempt to turn former Attorney General Bill Barr against former President Donald Trump Backfired.

Barr and Trump have not been on good terms since both men parted ways during the final weeks of the former president’s administration. Barr has gone on to criticize the former President several times, with Trump also returning the favor.

However, Barr recently vowed to vote for Trump in the coming election. Regardless of their hostilities, the former AG maintained that he would vote for Trump because he viewed Biden as “the real threat” to democracy.

Trump accepted Barr’s endorsement, but not without adding a subtle dig at his former attorney general.

“Wow! Former A.G. Bill Barr, who let a lot of great people down by not investigating Voter Fraud in our Country, has just Endorsed me for President despite the fact that I called him ‘Weak, Slow Moving, Lethargic, Gutless, and Lazy’ (New York Post!),” Trump posted on Truth Social. “Based on the fact that I greatly appreciate his wholehearted Endorsement, I am removing the word ‘Lethargic’ from my statement. Thank you Bill.”

While interviewing Barr, Collins used the former president’s Truth Social post to try to turn the former attorney general against his boss. Barr, however, refused to take the CNN anchor’s bait.

“Classic Trump,” Barr responded with a wry smile.. “I am very disappointed that this country is stuck with this choice … I don’t think either of them should be president of the United States, but given that binary choice, I feel like I have to choose Trump.”

Collins, who was still trying to get Barr to change his mind, noted that Trump was mocking the former president.

Barr dismissed Collins anchor before stating that the next election is not about him. The former attorney general insisted he was picking Trump because he would do least damage to the country.