PANICKED RESPONSE From Public About Biden

The first debate of the 2024 presidential campaign did not go as planned for President Biden. If the purpose was to soothe worries about his age and viability, the outcome could not have been worse.


Shortly after the debate began and Biden began his particularly hesitant, uncertain, and raspy performance, the takes began rolling in, and it didn’t get better in the aftermath.



From demands to withdraw from the nomination to overly emotional reactions from his ardent followers.


MSNBC presenter Joy Reid sounded depressed as she stated her phone was vibrating with Obamaworld and Bidenworld officials urgently texting her, concerned that Biden appeared “extremely feeble and weak” and that his performance had spooked many in his own party heading into November.


“My phone didn’t stop buzzing throughout. And the universal reaction was close to terror,” Reid remarked.


“The people who were texting with me were very concerned about President Biden seeming extremely feeble, seeming extremely weak,” she went on: “Joe Biden’s duty was to soothe them tonight. His duty was to calm his party and convince them that, “Yes, I can do this.” I have another four years in me. “I have the ability, stamina, and strength to do four more.” He didn’t do that. He did the reverse of it.”

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner argues that Biden failed to establish that he was not too elderly.

MSNBC presenter Alex Wagner, who joined the show from the debate spin room in Atlanta, offered a bleak image of the atmosphere among Democrats and Biden supporters on the ground.


“There was a uniformly negative reaction to Biden’s performance tonight,” a disappointed Wagner informed viewers.


The MSNBC presenter, who is married to former President Obama’s White House chef, claimed that Biden is “battling a caricature of himself as an enfeebled person” and did little to dispel “the notion that he is very old and was frequently lost in that debate.”


“He transformed his reaction to abortion into a reference to a migrant homicide. I mean, this is a person who was clearly over-prepared and had a lot of different points swimming around in his head, and as a result, it felt like the answers that were legible, if you will, were not delivered with the force and clarity that they should’ve been,” she said.