In a nod to former President Donald Trump’s famous “bloodbath” comment, U.S. Senate GOP candidate Mike Rogers of Michigan said China might one day take over the auto industry if President Joe Biden wins the 2024 presidential election in November.

The former president, while speaking at a Saturday rally in Ohio, told his supporters that there will be a bloodbath in the auto industry if Joe Biden is allowed to remain in the White House for another term, adding that China will take over the industry. Trump’s comment raised controversy as members of the mainstream media twisted his comments and lied that he was encouraging violence if he lost the election.

Rogers, in an interview on Breitbart News Daily, maintained that Trump was right and that there would be a bloodbath in the auto industry if Biden were allowed to push his electric vehicle mandate for another four years.

“And my argument to the union folks is, listen, you know, by the way, if you care about the environment, and on this EV mandate, the government’s basically saying we’re going to take 40% of your jobs and make you drive a car that you don’t want to drive. We don’t have to do it that way,” he said.

The Senate hopeful added that Biden’s electric vehicle mandate will make China the world’s most important car maker.

“If you’re an auto worker, if you’re a second and third-tier auto worker supplier here, you bet it does. It will be a bloodbath. That means your jobs are going away. Now, when you lose your job and your ability to take care of your family, I don’t care what anyone says — that’s a bloodbath,” Rogers said.

Rogers defended the former president’s comments, adding that it was meant to draw attention to something that could be devastating to American workers and their families.

“You have to understand the rhetoric that the President uses is trying to draw attention to something that will be devastating to, certainly Michigan working families, and across the country,” he added.