The forces against former President Donald Trump continue to grow, with MSNBC analyst Donny Deutsch unveiling a shocking plan to stop the former president.

The former president is facing three indictments and has been convicted in a New York criminal case. The former president has insisted that the trials were brought against him to derail his campaign.

Deutsch, in an interview, urged the military to join the left’s struggle to stop Trump from being president.

“Contrast is everything in this election,” Deutsch said. “And I think the military is the greatest example to show the contrast between two men. You see Donald Trump who, you know, got off, didn’t serve because of bunions and allegedly told John Kelly, his chief of staff … as they were in a cemetery looking at fallen heroes, ‘why would any person be a sucker and give their life for their country?’ And that’s all you need to know about Donald Trump.”

Deutsch urged former military top officials to begin a campaign that would derail Trump’s bid to return to the White House.

“I think the most compelling advertising campaign would be centered around the military,” he continued. “If we got Mattis, McMaster, Milley and Kelly, to go to screen and say, ‘look this country cannot stand Donald Trump. The defense of this country will not stand Donald Trump. We are great Americans. We believe in the country. We trust this country. We know this country. You can’t vote for Donald Trump.’ I think the military is the secret weapon in this election and I hope those ads come to fruition.”

Deutsch’s remarks come as the Democrats’ persistent effort to stop the former president continues to fail. The latest polls show that Trump is leading President Joe Biden in many of the swing states.

Trump’s conviction also did next to nothing to stop him, with polls showing the former president increasing his lead over Biden since the guilty verdict. Large donors have also moved to the former president since the guilty verdict.